Advanced rar repair 1.2 mac

Password handling was not working correctly in some situation. Extensive Apple Script support. Support for XZ archives. Extract the whole archive or single files from the Quick Look generator. BetterZip 3 adds a password generator which suggests strong passwords whenever you need them. Open, extract, and quick look winmail.

File Compression

Open, extract, and modify ePub files. Open, extract, and quick look! Apple disk images DMG files. Add custom filename extensions that BetterZip handles.

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Test archives using the operations queue. Add column file status and icon badges to show whether items have been modified replaced, edited, moved, … Enhancements Support for the OS X notification center. The updated visual style better fits in with Yosemite's look and there's Retina imagery throughout. A new page in the help system collects all available hidden settings for convenient access.

Allow filenames to contain? Audible feedback when extracting files by dragging and dropping. Mac items, e. RAR and 7z formats now have an additional compression factor that creates solid archives.

With this setting, multiple files are compressed together, often leading to even higher compression ratio. The disadvantage is that extracting individual files is significantly slower as are archive updates in direct mode. Moved passwords from save presets to password manager. Version 2. Extracting multiple tar archives with the queue failed. Fixed some user interface problems on OS X Some tar. Under certain circumstances, the Keychain wouldn't remember that access to the BetterZip passwords had been allowed permanently. Uncompressed tar now works correctly on Mavericks.

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The radio buttons in the preset lists in the preferences could get confused. On Mavericks the main menu was always displayed in English, regardless of the system locale. Includes the latest unrar. Compressing and extracting files with extended file attributes xattrs are now fully supported. Added a safeguard against storing empty passwords in the password manager.

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CPGZ archives are handled correctly again. In some cases the main menu was not displayed in the correct language or only partially. Prevent a very rare crash after upgrading from an older version. Added a Spanish translation for names of default preset. Added a safeguard against malformed zip archives. Enhancements You can now unset the default and service presets in the preset configuration.

Bug fixes Fixed a small memory leak.

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Fixed a crash when extracting 7-zip archives with a custom-set, invalid temp folder. DEB archives were not handled correctly in some cases. Fixed compression of symbolic links.

Fixed the file attributes when extracting certain executables zipped on a Windows box. Extracting a single folder from a SIT archive didn't work. When directly extracting a rar file, passwords were not tried automatically, even if the option to do so was set in the preferences. When changing the order of presets, the default choices were lost. Added Czech and Brazilian Portuguese localizations. Because of this, you will have to allow BetterZip to use its own passwords. It will ask you for each password, but only once if you click "Always allow". Enhancements Enhanced the replace file panel when updating multiple files in an archive at the same time.

You can now reorder the list of presets in the preferences with drag-and-drop. Display service and default toolbar markers in the presets lists. Handle incorrectly named tgz and tbz archives more gracefully. Click on dock icon will once again open a new window, if no windows are open and the "new window" option is set in preferences.

Updated the included 7-zip commandline tool to the latest version 9. Bug fixes The BetterZip services were not translated correctly for some languages. Fixed a possible crash when setting a new master password for the password manager. Fixed the misleading error message when trying to extract or save to a read-only folder.

The Favorites sidebar's background had drawing errors when BetterZip was in the background. Creating a new folder inside a tar archive wouldn't work under certain conditions. In rare cases parts of multi-part rar archvies were not deleted correctly after extraction. Bug fixes Fixed a possible crash when deleting an archive in the Finder while it was visible in the favorites sidebar. The percentage badge on the BetterZip icon in LaunchPad could get stuck. In some cases BetterZip was not able to track moved or deleted archives.

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You can now specify a custom file extension in save presets. Added a menu item to extract all archives in a folder recursively. Added an option and menu item to compress each of multiple dropped items into an individual archive. Thank you, guys! Enhancements Increased extraction speed for rar files. BetterZip will now display exactly which part of a multi-volume rar archive is missing, if any. In the save panel the standard file extension will be appended to the filename. Bug fixes Fixed a possible crash when quitting BetterZip with the favorites sidebar opened.

Fixed a few errors in the Russian translation. The registration window could lead to an infinite loop under certain circumstances. Growl will no longer write a warning message to the log. Fixed a bug that could lead to files being overwritten when extracting certain tar. Enhancements Hold down the Cmd key while dropping a folder in the queue window to recursively extract all archives in it.

Hold down the Alt key while dropping an archive in the queue window to force compression. Bug Fixes When starting BetterZip through one of the services in the Services menu, no empty archive window will be opened. Fixed a possible crash when quitting BetterZip with the favorites sidebar opened. The registration window could lead to an inifinite loop under certain circumstances.

The split size for 7z archives was limited to 4GB. Fixed a bug in handling "additional options" when creating archives. Trailing numbers are no longer cut off from the filename when saving with automatically created archive names.