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Download the free trial version and see for yourself how easy it is. MessageSave supports exporting contacts and Calendar in addition to migrating messages. Congratulations on getting a shiny new Mac! You probably have years worth of email sitting in Outlook. How do you migrate it over?

The process is very simple:

There are different ways to do it, but MessageSave is by far the easiest and most reliable! This will prove to be a much faster transfer method, particularly if your computers and router support gigabit Ethernet. You'll see our guide to networking your old PC and new Mac at the top of the opposite page. While we've opted for sharing the PC's files and accessing them from the Mac, you can choose to make the Mac shareable and drop files onto it from the PC - but our method is more secure in the long run and less liable to problems.

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Moving your email can prove trickier. Depending on how you've set up your IMAP mail and folders, all your messages should then be pulled down. If you're using POP, this isn't an option. Apple offers help for this here. If you don't have access to IMAP email or you're not using a webmail account such as Google Mail or Windows Live Hotmail, then the most effective way to transfer email from your PC to your Mac is to use the free Thunderbird email tool , which works on both computers.

If you're already using Thunderbird you can jump straight to the step-by-step guide on transferring your Thunderbird profile folder to your Mac, but in most cases you'll need to import your email from another program first. If you're currently running Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora, then Thunderbird is fully equipped to import all your settings and messages - if you're not prompted to do so during the setup process, open the Tools menu and select Import.

Leave Import Everything selected, click Next, then select your existing email program, click Next and follow the wizard through to its end.

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Once you've verified all your settings and mail have been transferred into Thunderbird you're ready to transfer it all across to your new Mac. Click Browse to choose a suitable location and filename for your exported file, then click Save followed by Next. Check which fields are being exported - in most cases they'll be fine, so click Finish to save the file.

Close Windows Mail to move the messages to their new home. When it comes to transferring your contacts, open Windows Live Mail and switch to Contacts view.

Migrate Data from PC to Mac [HOW TO]

Either click the Export button if it's visible or click the menu button to reveal a drop-down menu and select Export - from here, click Comma Separated Values. Follow the wizard - which is identical to Windows Mail's - to export your contacts. You also need to move your message folders: click the menu button and either choose Options or select Options followed by Mail.

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Then follow the same procedure as outlined in the Windows Mail section above. Click Restart Thunderbird when prompted. Now, right-click Local Folders in the left-hand menu and choose New Folder. Name it 'Imported' and click Create Folder. Next, select Comma Separated and import the file you exported. Once done, click the Address Book button to verify the addresses you need have come across. With all of your contacts, account settings and messages in place, you're now ready to transfer your Thunderbird profile to the Mac - see the step-by-step guide for details on doing so.

The last thing you want is to lose all your bookmarks and other browser settings when you switch to the Mac. Your options depend very much on what browser you're using, but if you're using Google Chrome you get a head start here: not only can you continue using Chrome on the Mac, you can quickly and easy transfer all your current settings - including bookmarks, themes and even plug-ins - to it with no fuss. Then switch over to your Mac and set it up again - all of your settings will be transferred automatically.

In Firefox 5 or above you can use the built-in Firefox Sync add-in to get the same kind of options. If you're running Internet Explorer, or wish to switch to an alternative browser on your new Mac such as Safari , then you can install the free Xmarks tool on both your old and new browsers: this can sync both your passwords and your bookmarks across multiple browsers and computers, wherever they are located.

Traditionally, we'd recommend both Move2Mac a USB cable-based system and Outlook2Mac as an easy way to copy your files across from an old PC to your Mac, but now you have other options. Not only can you 'gulp' in your entire PC using one of the virtualisation apps mentioned above, but you could buy Belkin's Switch to Mac solution, a cable-and-software bundle which works with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You can also import from an Entourage archive, which has an. Click Entourage information from an archive or earlier version , click the right arrow, and then follow the instructions. If you used a Microsoft Exchange account with Entourage, all items in the Exchange account are downloaded from the Exchange server after the import process is complete.

Any rules or schedules related to the Exchange account will need to be reconfigured in Outlook. If you import items from Entourage or Entourage , category information for items in an Exchange account aren't imported to Outlook. However, with Entourage , Web Services Edition, category information will be downloaded from the Exchange server. Outlook doesn't include Project Center. If you used the Project Center in Entourage and then import your Entourage information into Outlook, Project Center associations are converted to categories. For example, if you added items to a project that was titled "Research Paper" in Entourage, these items are assigned a category that is called "Research Paper" in Outlook.

Custom views, search settings, and event travel time information from Entourage aren't imported into Outlook. Outlook events don't include any travel time information. Import information into Outlook.

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