Transfer contacts from mac to iphone using icloud

In either event, the need to sync contact information today is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to take care of a multitude of different needs. Fortunately, when an individual is in the process of transferring their contacts from their Mac to their iPhone, they have more than one way to get it done. Method 1: When users have access to their Mac Address Book, they can begin the process of syncing their iPhone via iTunes. The steps are listed below:.

How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac with or without iCloud - EaseUS

Step 2: Under Contacts, the user should make sure that they are selecting the "Address Book" from the drop-down menu. These steps must be done before the they sync the sync the info. If the user does not want to use the iCloud to complete this process, they can take another route by using iTunes:.

Step 1: The user should make sure that they have at least one contact listed in their Address Book on their Mac before beginning the process. Sync the contacts by selecting the Summary tab of the iTunes sync settings and then sync. Step 3: After making this selection, you will see a message that says merge or replace prompt for contacts.

How to Export iPhone Contacts to your Mac or PC

You should select "merge" or "replace" to complete the process. Also Read: So you always have your contacts' most up-to-date information when and where you need it. When you turn on iCloud Contacts, all of the information stored on separate devices uploads to iCloud.

If you turn off iCloud Contacts, your information won't automatically move from iCloud back to your device. You can find and edit your contacts on iCloud.

Any changes that you make automatically update on your other devices. If you turn off iCloud Contacts on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, your contacts won't delete from iCloud, they won't update automatically, and any changes you make won't update across your other devices.

How to Sync Contacts from Mac to iPhone

When you sync with iTunes, your information stores locally on your devices. There can be differences in information if you update one of your devices in between syncs. For example, if you delete contacts from your computer after syncing with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the next time you sync with your computer, those contacts will delete from your iOS device, too.

Keep your contacts up to date on all of your devices with iCloud With iCloud, you can have your contacts in your pocket and on your desktop. Set up iCloud on all of your devices. If you have a PC, download iCloud for Windows. Make sure that you're connected to Wi-Fi or have an active Internet or cellular connection.

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Set up iCloud Contacts When you turn on iCloud Contacts, all of the information stored on separate devices uploads to iCloud. Turn on Contacts. When you're asked if you want to Merge or Cancel, tap Merge.