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Once up and running with Lion could pair via system preferences with no problem at all. Luckily, since I had a usb keyboard and mouse lying around anyway, it was only a minor annoyance, And now all works fine. JamSandwich macrumors regular. May 19, 1.

In the brief days I was a mini owner, I had this issue as well. It was just finicky I think I wound up restarting the computer Cmannen macrumors newbie. Apr 8, 11 2. I had the same during initial set up. Could not find keyboard or trackpad.

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I also connected mouse and keyboard trough USB and then in settings I managed to pair. Quite annoying since this was my first Mac and all is supposed to be so easy. GrendelsBane macrumors newbie. Jun 1, 27 0.

Again, exact same problem here and same solution. Everyone should have a spare usb mouse and keyboard lying around somewhere for these situations! P4G macrumors newbie. May 3, 18 0 Melbourne Australia. Same problem here, probably because I didn't unpair mouse and keyboard first. Ended up remoting in for the install which worked a treat, particularly as I didn't have a spare usb keyboard lying around.

How to set up Mac Mini without display/ke… - Apple Community

Aug 14, Same problem here, with both keyboard and trackpad. Still, every time I have to reboot, the mini takes at least 30 seconds to recognize the trackpad after the boot process is finished. C macrumors Apr 3, 4, London, UK. I had exactly the same problem with my Apple wireless keyboard when setting up my Mini for the first time over the weekend. I tried using the Apple wireless keyboard I had been using with my Mini but it just wouldn't connect and the same message kept popping up. I did disconnect it from my old Mini but I guess maybe I needed to actually unpaid it.

Can I set up a mac mini without a monitor/keyboard?

On a related note a couple of times I've restarted or turned on the new Mini and it hasn't recognised the keyboard automatically and I've had to manually reconnect it. Dec 14, 19 0 Vancouver BC. I happened to haves USB mouse in my junk box and clicking on the keyboard picture brought up a box that said "found keyboard" but never cycled to connecting it. There was a button in the box that said "continue" but assumed that was for after it connected.

After pushing continue immediately upon the keyboard being discovered it hooked up and I was in business and the wireless mouse hooked up the same way but if I haden't had the old USB mouse hanging around I would still be looking at the pictures cycling away. Just to expand further on this issue I am still having similar related issues. Whenever I turn on or restart my Mini the Magic Mouse connects automatically just fine. However neither the keyboard nor Track Pad will connect.

It seems like they are not pairing automatically. I have to turn them on and pair them manually. I never had this problem on my old Mini running Snow Leopard.

How to Configure a Mac mini For Use Without a Computer Monitor

Is this a bug in Lion or is there something wrong with my setup. Jun 15, Are your devices set to be favorites? I found that mine weren't but making them favorites let them reconnect automatically. Last edited: Aug 11, Ashwee macrumors member. Dec 10, 96 19 England. I had to do the same as you, get out my USB keyboard and mouse to set up my bluetooth ones, probably a Lion bug, like the sleep one Jun 26, 1. Ashwee said:. MattyO macrumors regular. I would try booting the machine with a keyboard mouse and monitor to set it up.

Also specify wake-on-lan. Then unplug the keyboard mouse and monitor.

At that point you can put it to sleep, wake it, run apps, what ever from an iPad or another Mac. But I have not tried unplugging the input and display. I don't see why that should make a difference. Easy to try. Aug 6, PM.

In the Finder, use the "Go" drop down menu at the top of the screen and select "Go to Server". When that opens, "browse" for your new Mini and if it appears, connect to it hopefully as a user rather than a "guest". You should then be able to open any file including the "server application". Sep 27, AM in response to stevefromchapel hill In response to stevefromchapel hill. You've probably got past this, but for future reference, you can connect an ethernet cable directly to another Mac the controlling Mac and then connect to Lion Server over the network to do the initial setup.

During the initial setup only, the VNC server on the machine has it's password set to the first 8 digits of the machines serial number all caps.


Also, the root account on the machine has a password of the machine's full serial number, again only during the initial setup. To work out the IP address of the machine, open up Terminal and enter "arp -i en0 -a" and look for other IP addresses. Once the initial server setup is complete, be sure to enable any remorte access e. SSH, etc.

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Sep 27, AM. Dec 21, AM. Feb 2, PM in response to pendolino In response to pendolino. Steps there are clear except when you're asked for id leave it blank and enter the serial number in the password field. Feb 2, PM. Mar 29, PM in response to stevefromchapel hill In response to stevefromchapel hill. I'm completely new to servers and immediately had the same problem - can't access the server from another mac.

I thought maybe you have to also have Lion Server on the mac your going to use to set it all up. You need either Lion or Lion Server to download this free set of Apple tools. Mar 29, PM. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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