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Mr Cooke, please stop alienating your customers by pushing for new technologies something I hope you will continued doing while deserting owners of older hardware that can't afford to keep updating their machines. In case you haven't noticed, things are rather tought at the moment so we can't all go out and purchase the latest laptops in order to have access to USB 3.

I've looked and looked and can't find anything. Posted on Aug 23, PM.

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Page content loaded. It looks like the sonnet card on this page does not need drivers, but claims the Mac OS X drivers support only drives at these speeds -- no hubs and no other type devices.

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Jul 28, PM. Jul 28, PM in response to lesterfromspace In response to lesterfromspace. It does not support other USB 3. Jul 29, AM in response to Malcolm J. Rayfield In response to Malcolm J.

This LaCie card does not currently work with ML, I have been trying without success to get my card up running after upgrading to ML, will have to wait for a driver upgrade from LaCie. Jul 29, AM. Aug 23, PM.

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Anyone else getting the same speed after updating the driver? Sep 10, AM. So that part works. What won't work is your hub as we state in tech note 1 on the product page". USB 3. Non-storage devices are not supported. And this is what infuriates me about Apple. There is no fine print that the USB 3.

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So why doesn't Apple make a card for its legacy customers? Or release native drivers for its older machines? The cynical answer is that Apple wants us to upgrade our machines. Yeah, right. I have a money tree that allows me to upgrade all my laptops 3 of them and my Mac Pro every time Apple introduces new products.