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How to install Mac os serria on hp laptop

Only use the. HFS file. But for Hackintosh, you need to map both files. Some users have reported that they experience an error when using Partition Image Mapper. If you also encounter errors, you can Clover Boot Disk Creator tool. If you encounter an error, Access is denied , which means that your USB is used by another program, please close all these programs, or use diskpart to clean the USB first.

I have added FakeSMC. Choose the right KEXT for your hardware to ensure the functionality works.

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I also added IntelMausiEthernet. If you also experience the same issue, you can disable the Nvidia graphics card by editing its configuration file. If Disk Utility reported error MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation when Erase, I have shown how to fix this in the link. Good luck! Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Any idea what the problem is?

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Thank you. I really admire your work. And after that and waiting for about 15 minutes, nothing happens. I tried installing a second time, but same result. Please help me. Plese I sucess to boot the the clover but canonot insall mac os x apear to me bsd process mapped to unkown and system restate. I keep getting the error message when trying to load the.

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I have tried this and nothing! Any ideas? If you have a way to update clover you can enable all drivers ie: keyboard Right in the uefi 64 bit drivers section then you should be good to go. What do I do now? Hi, i followed your steps with partimgmapper and created the. After successfully installing once mac osx high sierra I asked myself is there an option to show an hfs installer in clover again maybe as an entry edit in plist. What should I do to boot clover in legacy mode? A couple questions: 1 what is your bios legacy or uefi 2 are you running as administrator 3 is the clover file possibly currupt.

Legacy mode is intended for non-uefi bios that is the only time you would use it, if you have graphical and mouse support in bios that will be uefi, if not its legacy bios. Luckily it was working but after updating AIOCreator. It works for me, have you tried reinstalling Clover yet?

Of course done that, but still not working… Maybe the CloverLegacy file has now wrong content or my stick cause problem in bios because its not recognizing as UEFI. Complete reinstalling and installing Clover and rest also not worked! Problem solved… After booting to grub 2.

Restart now from menu the pc. Yes, it works on both Macintosh and Hackintosh. Although I did not try on the Macintosh but the user has confirmed it works, I have also installed macOS successfully on the VMware virtual machine. So that i can download it in my slow Internet connection….. I use the official method from Apple, then I back up its partition and share it.

I agree with Tu google drive is much quicker, i think something may be being overlooked in the installation process have you tried installing in verbose mode?? If so can you post the log? Huh i dont even think torrents will do good with that being said, is there any where you can go to use a better isp? Have you added some extra kext, configuration files within. The only codes you should need are: -v Verbose mode -x Safe mode -s Single user mode.