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Only the drummer Mick Fleetwood remained from the band at its inception.

Eventually joined by McVie, her husband John, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham, he anchored the group during a period of unprecedented success that saw them selling millions of records and filling stadiums and arenas. Fleetwood Mac experienced the peak of its acclaim in when Rumours established itself as one of those unique albums standing the test of time and continuing to fly off the shelves long after leaving the charts.

Top 10 and could be seen as the soundtrack of a generation. Their most recent album, the EP Extended Play, came out in to rave reviews. Tell us in 3 emojis or less" - all get a mention, but not Hillary's tricky relationship with Katy Perry. In June , Perry tweeted, "I told hillaryclinton that I would write her a 'theme' song if she needs it You already did!

Keep letting us hear you Roar.

  1. The 7 most awkward campaign songs used by US presidential candidates!
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  3. Fleetwood Mac reunite to play “Don’t Stop” at Bill Clinton’s first Inaugural gala.

Their political allegiance came into question in February when it was revealed that Perry's company, Kitty Purry Inc. Was Perry being sponsored to endorse Clinton, who was beginning to lose much of the youth interest to her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders?

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Camp Clinton say they were only covering expenses - a realistic claim, but a hard one to prove. Since then, we've seen a lot of Katy and Hillary chumming it up.

Interestingly, she started Roar halfway through, conveniently missing the last line of verse one: "I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything. Katy Perry.

David Cameron copies Bill Clinton by entering conference stage to sound of Fleetwood Mac

The election pitched Bill Clinton, the incumbent, against Ross Perot and Senator Bob Dole, a Republican heavyweight thought to be capable of taking out Clinton, who had had a tough four years in the White House. What could possibly go wrong?

Commentators were quick to point out the disparity between a song about racial struggle being adapted for a rich conservative, and also that the chorus sounded like, "I'm a dull man! Worse was to come. Sam penned the new lyrics, but he didn't write the original ones, or the music. Dole's team originally claimed - perfectly reasonably - "fair use", because their version was a parody, before backing off.

You might think of fear-mongering and negative campaigning as modern phenomena symptomatic of a slide in the quality of presidential candidates, but things were far worse in the 19th century, judging by John Quincy Adams's campaign song in the election. Adams, a Republican, had beaten Democrat Andrew Jackson in an extraordinarily close race in and, as incumbent, he was at an advantage when he faced Jackson again four years later.

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Jackson, though, fought a strong campaign, forcing Adams to go on the attack with an bewilderingly vicious song, Little Know Ye Who's Coming, which predicted that America would be beset by the following horrors if he lost the race: fire, swords, knives, guns, famine, slavery, plundering, robbing, fear, plague, pestilence, Satanism.

Test your knowledge of the year in music with our poptastic quiz. Check out the artists we're taking to SXSW! Seven of the most outrageous bands ever. Sign in to the BBC, or Register. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. What we have here may be confirmation of our deepest fears. The hall monitors have taken over and, in this case, been put in charge of music for the senior prom.

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Isn't there someone at the inaugural committee who could provide guidance? If getting votes from their generational peers is the Clinton's aim, they could book Mojo Nixon. His tribute to child-rearing, "I'm Living With a Three-Foot Antichrist," will win over any harried thirty- or forty-something parent. Or Mr. Skip to content Perhaps no other rock group is more associated with President Clinton than Fleetwood Mac.