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In moderation, such effects are fine. But in several instances, Snow Leopard crosses the line. Or rather, it crosses my line, which, it should be noted, is located far inside the territories of Candy Land. Others with a much lower tolerance for animations who are already galled by the frippery in Leopard and earlier releases will find little to love in Snow Leopard's visual changes.

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The one that really drove me over the edge is the fussy little dance of the filename area that occurs in the Finder surprise! There's just something about so many cross-fades, color changes, and text offsets occurring so rapidly and concentrated into such a small area that makes me want to scream. And whether or not I'm actually waiting for these animations to finish before I can continue to use my computer, it certainly feels that way sometimes.

Still, I must unenthusiastically predict that most normal people i.

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Animation aside, the visual sameness of Snow Leopard presents a bit of a marketing challenge for Apple. Even beyond the obvious problem of how to promote an operating system upgrade with " no new features " to consumers, there's the issue of how to get people to notice that this new product exists at all.

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In the run-up to Snow Leopard's release, Apple stuck to a modified version of Leopard's outer space theme. It's pretty cut and dried: outer space, stars, rich purple nebula, lens flare. Then came the golden master of Snow Leopard, which, in a pleasant change from past releases, was distributed to developers a few weeks before Snow Leopard hit the shelves.

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Its installer introduced an entirely different look which, as it turns out , was carried over to the retail packaging. For a change, let's line up the discs instead of the packaging which is rapidly shrinking to barely enclose the disc anyway. Here's Mac OS X The Yep, it's a snow leopard. With actual snow on it.

It's a bit on the nose for my taste, but it's not without its charms. And it does have one big thing going for it: it's immediately recognizable as something new and different.

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  • Eight years of the giant, centered, variously adorned "X" and then boom : a cat. There's little chance that anyone who's seen Leopard sitting on the shelf of their local Apple store for the past two years will fail to notice that this is a new product. If you'd like your own picture of Snowy the snow leopard that's right, I've named him , Apple was kind enough to include a desktop background image with the OS.

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    John Siracusa John Siracusa has a B. He has been a Mac user since , a Unix geek since , and is a professional web developer and freelance technology writer. Email siracusa arstechnica. If you see something you like, click the thumbnail, and Mac OS X displays it in the well and automatically refreshes your background so that you can see what it looks like. Mac OS X automatically manipulates how the background appears on your Desktop.

    Tile the background: This repeats the image to cover the Desktop.

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    This is usually done with pattern images to produce a smooth, creamy, seamless look. Fill the screen: This can be used with a solid color to get uniform coverage. Stretch the background to fit the Desktop: If your Desktop image is smaller than the Desktop acreage, this works, but be warned: If you try to stretch too small of an image over too large a Desktop, the pixilated result can be pretty frightening.

    Center the image on the Desktop: This is a good solution for Desktop images that are smaller than your resolution.

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    All the pictures in the Apple Desktop Pictures, Nature, Abstract, and Solid Colors categories are scaled automatically to the size of your screen.